Smores Ice Blended


S'mores Ice Blended

It's easy to make an iced blended S'mores Just follow the directions below to make a 16 oz. drink


Add to your blender canister:

4 oz. milk or water

4 oz. Java Frost Everyday Dutch Chocolate drink mix

12 oz. cup of ice

Blend until creamy

Make sure to put the ingredients in the above order, as it makes the drink blend easier

Now comes the fun part.  What you want to do is layer the frozen drink with graham cracker

crumbs like in the above picture.  I also like to layer in marshmellow cream.  After you

have created your S'mores parfait, top it with marshmellow cream, chocolate syrup and

graham cracker crumbs.




I'll bet you will be screaming for "Some more!"