Chai Cup

When Chai first showed up in the U.S. market I never thought it would last.  Boy, was I wrong!  Now, 20 years later, Chai has become a staple on every coffee house menu from sea to shining sea.  Of course, like all things adopted by the American market, Chai has evolved into more than just the many thousand year old beverage of India.  Our first exposure to Chai was while we were showing at the Coffee Fest trade show in Seattle, Washington.  During the show Lynn, our ever creative product developer, had the idea to use it as a replacement for coffee in our Java Frost vanilla powdered drink mix.  And, Java Frost Vanilla Spiced Chai was born.  Soon, after many hours in the test kitchen, we arrived at our own version of the rising star, Java Frost Vanilla Spiced Chai.  Since that day, we have developed some wonderful variations to our original addition to Java Frost's line of products.  Green, Summer Green, Matcha Mist and no sugar added Vanilla Spiced Chai.  All of these variations of traditional Chai have become some of Java Frost's best selling mixes.  Enjoy Java Frost Chai now.