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Summer Green Chai

Our Summer Green Chai gourmet drink mix is a delectable blend of green tea and sumptuous fruits. Laced with the tastes of summer, this green chai tea is a perfectly balanced blend of green tea, aromatic spices, honey, and just a taste of delicious seasonal fruits. Lovers of any flavored drinks will be excited to get their hands on this flavorful cup of summer served hot and frothy as a green chai latte, or cold, iced or blended. It makes an incredible fruit smoothie mix as well and can be blended extra creamy and thick to be served with a spoon for a frosty treat. Our green chai tea gourmet drink mix is a pinch hitter amongst the best drink mixes for your home, coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant drink menu. Smooth and tasty alone, you can also add whipped cream topping for more indulgence. Easy to make, add real fruit to your cold blends for a fantastic, healthier drink. Sip it slowly, or gobble it down, and go back for more!

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