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Pomegranate Lemonade

For a refreshing change from the usual summertime lemonade treat, invigorate your taste buds all year round with sips of this modern twist on an old-fashioned favorite lemonade drink mix. Delight your senses with the deliciously irresistible taste of tart and tangy, yet sweet pomegranate juice served as a lemonade you will come back to over and over. We are a proud drink mix supplier of Blossoms™ all natural Pomegranate Lemonade gourmet drink mix for your personal use at home, or on your restaurant cafe, or kiosk drink menu. You'll love our canisters on your retail shelves and hospital gift shops too. Served cold with water, ice blended for a great slushie, or add a dash of your favorite liquor to make a pomegranate margarita or other pomegranate cocktail. Also great when mixed half and half with regular iced tea. Our Pomegranate Lemonade drink mixes are made in seconds and never leave you flat on taste. This pomegranate drink mix lemonade is big on flavor!
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