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French Vanilla Creme

Create the perfect ice blended drinks or a new twist on hot mochas with our smooth, velvety, mouth-watering Java Frost French Vanilla Bean Crème. It's a flavorful gourmet real vanilla bean cream drink mix with versatility. We use real vanilla bean bits mixed right in, non-dairy creamer, and real sugar. This heavenly French vanilla bean mix is for serious vanilla lovers looking for that perfect rich taste! You decide how thick it should be, whether to add your own espresso (or keep it caffeine free) for a French vanilla latte or Frappe, add a dash of your favorite liqueur for another treat, or top with whipped cream, chocolate or caramel syrup, and candy bits.

As a fine beverage manufacturer, Java Frost brings another wonderful line of vanilla bean drink mixes to the industry with uncompromising and exceptional quality and flavor to delight your family, friends, and customers and bring them back for more. With great vanilla bean creme taste, consistent texture, and versatility in use, it's a favorite among buyers at home and in the foodservice industry.

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