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Swiss White Chocolate

Our Swiss White Chocolate gourmet chocolate drink mix is a hit with kids and adults alike. When you're craving a popular hot chocolate drink or even a sweet treat whipped up into an ice blended coffee, this creamy and deliciously smooth Swiss White Chocolate is just what you need with your newspaper in the morning or as a late night treat around the fire. Try it thick-blended with a spoon for even more delight.

It's a family favorite and loved by chocolate aficionado customers in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and kiosks. Choose from a powder chocolate mix or a liquid drink mix by the bag. Also try our fetching drink mix gift ideas by buying canisters of Swiss White Chocolate from Java Frost for your gift baskets, hospital gift shops, or on retail shelves as a crowd-pleaser. We make extraordinary beverages that keep everyone coming back for more!

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