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Candy Cane Creme

You can capture the nostalgia and fun of the holiday season with Java Frost Candy Cane Crème gourmet drink mixes. Experience the refreshing delight of a candy cane in a cup; it's delicious steaming hot or delectable ice blended.  Java frost Candy Cane Crème delivers real mouth-watering candy cane bits of cool crushed peppermint and cream with every sip. Rich and scrumptious, it's the perfect holiday indulgence.

Our peppermint beverage mixes are perfect for holiday and Christmas gifting or just an enjoyable drink at home. Or if you're interested in adding our candy cane cream flavored drink mixes to the menu at your coffee bar, restaurant, kiosk or the shelves of your retail or gift shop, join us as a wholesaler and check out our product line-up. Don’t miss out on the unmistakable flavor of the holidays!

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