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Hazelnut Creme

Our Hazelnut Crème vanilla base drink mix is divine! Enjoy the sweet, buttery flavor of perfectly toasted hazelnuts with a touch of cinnamon for ice blended drinks or smoothies, hot lattes, and more. Hazelnut is a longtime favorite of flavored drink aficionados and no other drink mix satisfies so many tastes. Inspired by the cafes of Belgium, this vanilla and hazelnut creamy drink mix is worth waking up for, any way you want to make it. Add your own espresso and sip it hot from your favorite coffee cup in the morning, blend with ice in the afternoon for a delicious frappe, make it like a delectable hazelnut cocoa for winter fun, or whip it thick and eat it with a spoon for a summer treat. Java Frost’s uncompromising quality always guarantees you the finest. Nutty and sweet alone, you can also add whipped cream topping, flavored syrups, or candy bits to indulge your cravings.

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