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Matcha Mist

If you love green tea or chai tea, you'll find our flavorful Matcha Mist Green Tea gourmet drink mix a winner for your home or restaurant drink menu. It's a wonderful green chai drink that tastes like Thai green tea ice cream. Made with the finest green tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, this green tea chai concentrate mix is unique and outrageously delicious. Reminiscent of green tea ice cream in a cup, you can make it blended, iced, whipped into a green chai smoothie, frappe, hot as a green chai tea latte, or thick in a cup and ready for a spoon. The options are endless and so will be your love for this tasty green chai tea! Easily and quickly make your own homemade green chai tea, sit back, relax, and sip it slowly. Smooth and tasty alone, you can also add whipped cream topping for more indulgence.

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