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Trading in a life at sea for entrepreneurial success; best friends unite to create irresistible drinks



In 1995, after returning from cruising their sail boats with their families, Lynn and Betsy decided to take their passion for good coffee and their craving for ice blendeds and open Full of Beans Coffee House on Seaward Avenue in Ventura, CA. The duo was determined to bring the best of Seattle style coffee to the sunny beaches of Southern California. Tapping Lynn’s culinary expertise and Betsy's construction background, the intrepid duo found, leased, built out and created the best little coffee house at the beach.

Being a positive example for their daughters was also important. “Betsy and I...” said Lynn, “..have daughters and we wanted to be an example of how women can be successful in business, stand on their own and be their own bosses. Having them be a little proud of us was in their, too."

Full of Beans was one of the first coffee houses to sell ice blended drinks, not only in California but in the rest of the country. Word spread quickly. Soon, in their small beach town, word spread that Full of Beans was the place to go for the best ice blendeds and perfectly crafted espresso drinks around.

Over the course of the next year, other coffee houses began sprouting up. These new owners came to Full of Beans and asked if they could buy Java Frost drink mixes. At first, Lynn and Betsy were reluctant to share their secret. But, after relentless pressure from their coffee house customers, Lynn sold her car to raise capital and with one of their most supportive customers by their sides, she and Betsy headed off to Seattle Coffee Fest to see if they did indeed have a product that other coffee house owners would buy. And successful they were, arriving home with 20 customers in love with Java Frost; most of whom are still loyal Java Frost customers today. And...as the saying goes, the rest is history.





Soon, the exploding demand for their gourmet drink mixes made it clear that Full of Beans needed to be sold so Lynn and Betsy could devote full time to growing their new venture. After selling Full of Beans to one of their wholesale Java Frost customers, Java Frost opened their new office in Betsy's laundry room in Ojai, California. With chickens clucking outside the door and Betsy's cat visiting throughout the day, Lynn and Betsy began their adventure into the world of wholesale foods. Over the next several years they went to tradeshows throughout the country and always came back with new, happy wholesale customers. It was amazing! Java Frost was a success! Now, almost 20 years later, Java Frost is still going strong with an ever expanding line of products. The newest addition has been a Holiday line that includes Candy Cane Crème, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Eggnog Crème and Red Hot Cinnamon. Every year, as the season approaches Java Frost customers call asking when our Holiday beverages will be available.

In 2012, again after the urging of their customers, Betsy and Lynn decided to branch out into the world of retail with a gourmet gift canister collection. All of the adorable art work was created in house and the drink mixes are the same extraordinary flavors that, until now, were only available in coffee houses, cafes, delis and bars. Another great success was born. There are now 17 retail products to choose from.

Yes, Lynn and Betsy have made their daughters proud!



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